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Business turnaround

We share a practical, results-oriented mindset that understands that, in turnaround situations, failure is not an option 

Turnaround situations call for exceptional actions, a new modus operandi, and incisive thinking. Companies in financial distress face a set of challenges, they must focus on short-term results and at the same time build organizational health — resources and capabilities that underpin sustained performance.

We have experience of turnarounds and crisis management in many industries and situations. We help deliver rapid corporate turnarounds, assist in formulating plans quickly and work side- by-side with senior executives in a dynamic restructuring environment to balance competing priorities and communicating with key stakeholders.

To thrive in these difficult times, companies must answer critical questions such as these:

  • How do we identify the priorities for action and allocate resources appropriately?

  • How do we quickly stop the bleeding and generate cash to fund our operations?

  • How can we focus on the most viable parts of the business and measure progress?

  • What are the consistent and relevant messages to communicate to stakeholders? 

How we work

  • We help our clients to master change and to create enduring value from turnarounds, reorganizations, and mergers.

  • We specialize in aiding clients in situations when decisions need to be made quickly and when effective execution is essential.

  • We work with short and long-term horizons, and our efforts are designed to have immediate, and quantifiable positive impacts.

  • We leverage our skills and experience and work side by side with senior executive to quickly deliver recommended strategies and tactics. 

Contact us to learn more about our Business Turnaround capabilities. 

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