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Thinketh & Company is a management consulting firm on business strategy and operations.

We help our clients to pioneer new operating models and disrupt the status-quo in business.

Our approach unlocks creativity, boosts innovation, and creates momentum for making change happen. 

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what we do

We challenge our clients to see opportunities where others see none

We help our clients to identify, develop and implement successful strategies. The goal of strategy is the pursuit of a sustainable competitive advantage. However today’s competitive markets and disruptive technologies have called into question the sustainability of it.  


We help companies execute their strategy


We help our clients to get things done. Our creative approach creates bottom line impact to our client’s end to end supply chain. We ensure clients focus on core business issues to improve profitability and productivity through a detailed and holistic understanding of each component of their organisation. 

We help our clients to change before they have to 


To transform means to change in form, appearance or structure. To create something new that has not existed before and could not be predicted in the past. It is based on learning a new belief system and applying clear knowledge and taking a strong set of actions.

We share a results-oriented mindset understanding that, in turnaround situations, failure is not an option

Turnaround situations call for exceptional actions, a new modus operandi, and incisive thinking. Companies in financial distress face a set of challenges, they must focus on short-term results and at the same time build organizational health. 

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Leadership / Thinketh & Company


Article - Thinketh insighs

April 2019 - Leadership often demands to deal with uncertainty and to take decisions hoping that other people will follow. Success in leadership does not come from role and title but from clear purpose, passion and self-awareness.

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