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The retail and food services world is evolving fast due to changes in consumer behaviour, emergence of large international competitors, consolidated and strong suppliers, digital technology disruption and online business models. Retailers, restaurants and food distributors today require superior strategy, attractive products, efficient operations and cutting edge technology. Leaders in the industry face a number of key questions:

  • How do we establish our on-line sales channels and do we consider it innovation or necessity?

  • How do we ensure the seamless experience across channels and formats that consumers are demanding?

  • How do we retain customers and use transactional point of sale data to better understand them?

  • How do we determine the right mix of products, services, formats, and locations for future growth?

  • How can we partner with suppliers to reduce purchasing costs in the current economic environment?

  • How do we innovate our supply chain to be more efficient and reduce our impact on the environment?

What we do:

We help retailers, restaurants and food distributors to tackle their top strategic, operational, financial and organizational issues. Examples include:


  • Strategy
    Corporate strategy design, business development, format renewal and acquisitions.

  • Operations
    Supply Chain strategy, lean retailing, strategic procurement, best practice supply chain management and efficient store operations.

  • Organisation
    Organisation design and change management processes.

  • Technology 

Contact us to learn more about our retail & food services industry experience. 

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